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So you can discover how to earn a living from film, content digital markets …


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Our business accelerator lab is a detailed walk through of the experience based systems we’ll share with you to help you run your offline and online content creation business, and to enter a career in film and online media.

Why Learn with us and who are We?

Successful Record

Academic ORIGINS

Based on successful courses devised at London University & prestigious St. Martins College.

Industry Experience

Tested producers & Brand marketers

30+ Years Of Award winning industry Experience offering insider facilitation.

Brand Leaders

Co Founders

Co-founder of Europe’s Largest Film Promotion and Marketing House outside of Los Angeles.



"FILM LINK helped me break through into mainstream broadcasting"

"How often does our work not perhaps receive the recognition that we think it deserves? The biggest struggle I’ve found is to break through and monetise as a content producer for the web, and film producer in my own right. How could I make the jump into mainstream tv and cross over into the professional world? FILM LINK helped me think differently and showed how to work to a plan."
Beatrix U
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Become A Producer In The New Digital Age And Develop A Supported Path To Career Success

In our FILM LINK program here at the academy, we support film and content producers in breaking out of the amateur production world where in most cases they may not be earning enough money to sustain themselves.

We allow them to monetise their content and prepare a tailor-made pathway into joining what is becoming the new industrial revolution – content creation! We help filmmakers cut through in the world of Digital Media and Film Production whether for entertainment or business.

With these proven course experiences, the team’s helped over 3000 filmmakers to level up their skillsets and chase their path to success.

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But The Truth Is That...

Most filmmakers and content producers are struggling to make an impact with their films and videos in a saturated marketThey’re also struggling to find a way to reach wider mainstream audiences and often give up.
This means they don’t know how to sell their films to a broadcaster or how to reach the massive international online and TV market.
They don’t know how to sustain their business and career… and this is why there’s a high attrition rate in filmmaking and content production.
Sure, they might find a bit of breakthrough luck initially – they make some money and maybe get some views and subscribers online, and they’re getting noticed…
But our detailed research with our colleagues in leading academic institutions shows that these types of filmmakers often burn out and fail. Why? Because they end up spending all this time and energy raising money for an idea that is not commercially viable in the long term.
This means they drop out and don’t persist in developing their skillset and network – which is the proven and tested pathway to success in Film.

This Problem Is A BIG COST For Entrepreneurs And Content Producers

They Spend ...

months pushing projects with no potential audience, chasing blind alleys of funding or monetisation. This cannot help them sustain their career or their business.

It costs them ...

lost revenue as they have not explored their niche or have not catered directly for that niche. They didn’t discover the full potential of their creative and business skills and how to makes these work most effectively for them. 

They are not ...

receiving the recognition they deserve

Their work is not getting fully rewarded and they are condemned to relative obscurity.

They Can't ...

make the business pay and feel frustrated at a lack of achievement

They Lose Interest ...

in their chosen field and stop producing. They abandon their project and their business because they can’t see how it can ever pay for itself.​

There is no...

satisfaction in knowing that they’re part of the industry. They have been working in isolation and it’s demoralising and stressful.

That's Why We Created "The Media Entrepreneur's Incubator & Accelerator Program"

Our producer & tutor team have developed this course from over 10 years of delivering success for students at leading academic institutions in London.
The Incubator & Accelerator program, is a compact all in one pro package condensed from our 10 Week Pro Course here at the Academy.
It contains the same steps we’ve all used as successful producers to turn ourselves from a filmmaking amateur to a pro filmmaker working with the best.
The unique formula we put together eventually allowed us to co-produce a feature film with Monty Python producer John Goldstone and ROCKETMAN Director Dexter Fletcher and to produce best selling and acclaimed TV films that sell across the world.
This condensed action pack is an A-to-Z guide and step-by-step unique proven formula in the mainstream movie & content business that delivers an essential strategy for becoming a pro filmmaker and earning a living from content production in entertainment or in the small business and corporate world.

"Allowed me to build a scaleable career in the business"

"The reality is there is always an audience for a product, the skill is finding that audience and adapting that content to match that audience’s demands. You may worry that your work is being derided as a poor copy of others or derivative and un-original – how could I stand out? The Academy offers me the opportunity to work on my strengths address any weaknesses, work out just who my market is and learn from my past mistakes to build a scaleable career in the business."
Wasim Max Aslam


"I wanted to make content ... but not just for fun"

"It was really important to identify skills and weaknesses, develop those skills, learn from my mistakes and move on to design a pathway, based on my niche or special area of interest – with that knowledge and the case studies the academy offers, blind avenues can be avoided, and some real answers were there that could help me monetise."

Here's How It Works:

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Focus On Your Audience And Niche

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Make The Content

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The International Market

We'll Hold Your Hands To Success

Join the exclusive FILM LINK community now and benefit from unique access to the video channel with case study movies, interviews, insight and informed advice from the industry’s leading professionals and those who’ve found solutions and workarounds to problems all filmmakers face.
Also allows access to the Electric Theatre regular Webinars, with interviews with filmmakers and Q&A sessions allowing you to find answers to your funding, production and selling questions.
Plus you’ll receive an invitation to our Exclusive Clubhouse channel and page with support and shared information from fellow filmmakers to help you in your journey

Media Entrepreneur's Incubator & Accelerator

Remember, if you want to take your career to the next level and join our Pro Filmmaker’s community, then register your interest now for the Two 10 Week (one term) professional courses, mentored by our tutors with key weekly in-class sessional programs leading to certificated graduation in Week 10

Express your interest here and benefit from the unique discount as an Electric Theatre Academy Community clubhouse member.

Here's What You Get:



What's The Catch?

In return for this early registration discount, we ask only that you share your experiences in filmmaking, what you wish to achieve, how you would like to achieve it and some examples of what’s working for you to share with the community anonymously.

That’s our deal with you.

Joining the Program grants exclusive access to the Electric Theatre Academy Producers’ network and Club here at our central London studios and the tutorial community we are part of and have brought together.


Our Ideal Learning Partners

We cover all of the ninja hacks so that you can accelerate your business and career. 

Take A Look At What Others Are Saying About Us

"Allowed me to see pathways through to get my content monetised"

Film Link allows me to to see pathways through to get my content monetised and it’s really re-assuring to have so many industry pros involved who can tell us what they are looking for and what the TV channels demand. If I’d know all this before it would have saved me a lot of time.

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William Knight


"FILM LINK was the answer and gave me the tools I needed to build my own future"

FILM LINK was the answer and gave me the tools I needed to build my own future as part of a community of filmmakers, sharing their experiences, and workarounds … and that’s something different. Sharing is the key and the support makes it happen.


Beatrix U


"Allowed me to strategise a scaleable career in the business"

 The Academy offers me the opportunity to work on my strengths address any weaknesses, work out just who my market is and learn from my past mistakes to strategise a scaleable career in the business and empowering others to growth. The community is a huge plus!


Wasim Max Aslam


Now It’s Your Turn To Get Results...

Are you ready to become a pro media entrepreneur and earn a living from your content to take your production business to the next level?

Got questions?

We've got answers

The Filmmaker’s Incubator & Accelerator Program was created to help filmmakers and content creators like you become pro filmmakers and earn a living from content production regardless of your current experience level.

If you’re committed to levelling up your skillset and wish to follow proven pathways to success, then our expanding community and academy can help you just like we helped others. We all look forward to working with you and joining this professional eco-system.

Filmmakers and content creators who are struggling to find a way to reach wider mainstream audiences and sell their content. Those wishing to sell more and at a higher price and work with fee paying channels and partners.

People who are looking for an “easy solution” or a “Get Rich Fast” route into business. This is a commitment to a learning practice. You MUST methodically follow the program and take action. If you are not serious about following your business and career in this manner, please don’t waste your money and time in enrolling. It’s not that kind of program.

Yes it’s a one-time fee of £199 for lifetime access to the community and course, including future updates.

That’s why we also have an exclusive community of supporters as part of the Academy. We are there for you to ask any questions about your work and projects and to obtain the answers from our team and the network. The Academy fundamentally believes in sharing and support as one of the strongest pathways to success.



The Filmmaker’s Incubator & Accelerator is a Step by Step modular insight into a proven formula and approach to independent content production developed from the secrets of the mainstream movie business and the world’s most successful marketing campaigns. It delivers the fundamental strategies you need to know about how to become a pro production media entrepeneur, earn a living from content production and take your content business to the next level.
All of this, reduced from £975 for a limited period only to just £199. We believe it’s genuine value for money.
Also please be aware that introductory admission price for the course will increase after official launch.
So, Click the button on this page to get instant access now! We look forward to welcoming you to the community.

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